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The little kit of calm

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Stressful, isn’t it.
Life at the minute.

We’re in, out, shaking it all about. Then locking ourselves away again to stay safe. We’re having to juggle more than ever without complaint. And are spending more time together than ever before (a huge, huge blessing — but let’s be real, a complete pressure cooker from time to time). We’re all in this together, taking it one day at a time and doing our best to stay positive.

But it’s hard. Hard on us, and hard on our little ones too.

That’s why we’ve made this ‘little kit of calm’. It’s for both of you, as you both need a little moment and a bit of self-care.

With so much going on, it’s so easy for us to just power through a to-do-list. Getting on with stuff is seen as some sort of badge of honour, which is silly as we should actually be dishing out awards for leaving the jobs for another day and spending time together.

There’s so many feelings at the moment, and it’s important that we make time to explore them with our little ones. Less wi-fi connection, more emotional.

At the heart of our little kit of calm is a beautifully illustrated deck of mindfulness cards for kids from Abrams & Chronicle and three scented playdoughs in neutral colours to keep little hands busy whilst you chat.

The cards feature mindfulness games, visualisations and slow exercises to keep them grounded, improve their focus and understand loving-kindness, as well as letting them unwind. They also include tips for tailoring the exercises for different ages.

We’ve also included some bits for you. Teapigs chamomile tea and a raspberry and coconut flavoured Ombar (posh chocolate) so you can take a minute, too.

The kit also includes some other bits and bobs – wooden stamps for your playdough, wooden flowers, and two calm coloured peg dolls for roleplaying. These come in a little bag to keep it all in.

Playdough sensory scents:
Warm cashmere

Kit contents:
- 3x sensory playdoughs (190g tubs)
- Abrams & Chronicle mindfulness cards
- 2x hand-painted peg dolls
- A mini rolling pin
- Wooden stamps
- Wooden flowers
- Teapgigs tea
- A chocolate orange Gnaw bar
- A lovely little bag

Safety stuff:
Designed for ages 3+ (small parts!)
Safety and allergies info here