The Play Pantry


What ages are your boxes and toys for? 

This is our favourite question, as we've worked really hard to make sure The Play Pantry is suitable for a range of ages. We say the ideal age range for our boxes is 3-8, however the great thing about open-ended play is that the content takes on a life of its own, meaning ages outside of this window will find them rewarding. For safety, we only recommend purchasing for use with ages 3+ as the boxes contain small parts. A reminder that our boxes require responsible adult supervision.

Are your boxes environmentally friendly?

Great question. When starting up The Play Pantry, there were a few things that were really important to us — being as environmentally conscious as possible was one of them. To us, that means that our business, and your play, should have as little impact on Mother Nature as possible. We do our very best to make good choices:

  • All of our boxes are plastic free
  • We source our print responsibly
  • Our boxes are printed with water-based ink
  • The cardboard stock used is 90% recycled
  • Paper and cardboards used are recyclable
This philosophy extends to the brands that we partner with. It's important to us that our friends take care of the environment, too. We carefully pick our partners and box contents to make sure it's ethically produced and recyclable — choosing natural materials over plastics.

How long does your playdough last?

If kept in an airtight container, or the little eco tubs we ship in, our playdough should keep well. Please remember it's a natural product and that the only preservative we use is salt, so it's best enjoyed fresh! If left out to dry after play, it won't last as long but there are some top tips for making it last longer. Sometimes salt crystals form on the outside making it look white-ish. Totally normal, as the air pulls out the preservative salt from the dough — science. Give it a good knead and it'll come back together and regain its colour. If your dough is a bit dry, try livening up with a teeny bit of water or veg oil. A little bit goes a long way. If it's too far gone, let us know and we can always top you up.

Are your boxes vegan / vegetarian?

We've tried to make our boxes as inclusive as possible. Please check the ingredients for any food and drinks included, but you'll find that at least some are vegan and all are vegetarian. Plant-powered play! 

Are your playdoughs safe for sensitive skin? 

All of our playdough is made with natural ingredients and are safe for children and grown-ups to use — if anyone using our playdough has sensitive skin, please contact us before you buy a box, as we can make a salt, oil and fragrance-free batch of dough to make sure nobody misses out on the fun (note that this won't last as long as our standard doughs but we can always top up your supply if you run out, so let's chat). 

Are your boxes nut free?

We're not a nut free household, so the responsible thing for us to do is tell you no. We always do our best to minimise any cross contamination, but if your little one has a severe nut allergy, it's best not to buy one of our boxes. That said, there's a range of themed toys available on our site that you may like and we would be very happy to send you a colouring sheet and ideas sheet for your little one if you would like to still join the Play Pantry family.

Do you offer refunds?

If you're not happy with your Play Pantry box or toy purchase, just let us know and we'll happily discuss options with you. Your feedback is really important to us and depending on the situation, there is of course an option to receive a refund.

Can I buy multiple boxes?

Whilst our boxes are created in limited runs, there is the option to buy multiple boxes from our website. If you would like more than 4 boxes, please let us know as we can discuss discounted rates and shipping for you — as well as personalisation. Our boxes are fantastic for schools, childminders and early years settings. Get in touch and we can discuss tailored kits for you and your needs. A reminder that our boxes require responsible adult supervision and are designed for ages 3+.