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News from The Pantry

January 2021

We're doing more to support small businesses (like ours)

We know all too well how difficult it can be running a super-small business in the middle of a pandemic, so we've decided to do more to support parent-powered and ethical businesses like ours – by adding them to our boxes. There are so many amazing artists, creatives and crafters making such wonderful things if you look around. We're really pleased to be able to support a handful of them each time we make a box. From sourcing our print from down the road, to curating lovely handmade products, when you bag a Play Pantry playbox, you're also supporting other UK businesses to do what they love too. Thank you!

If you've bought one of our boxes before, you might notice that our newer boxes are a little more expensive. This is why – we want to make sure we're paying a fair price to each of our suppliers. You can find out more about some of our latest collaborators on the links below:

The Happy Newspaper

Jeff and The Squirrel

PLAYin Choc

Our playdough has a new home

We started up in August last year, which seems like a million years ago already given the state of the world. You can read more on that here. When we started, there were a few things we knew were going to be super important to us, one of which was that our boxes should be as plastic-free as possible.

We wanted to ensure anything that made it into our boxes was made from natural or recyclable materials, with as little impact on Mother Nature as possible. That meant us searching high and low for a good option to hold our super-squidgy scented playdough.

We thought we’d found the best option, cute little tubs made from recycled cardboard. Minimal impact, super eco. Sadly, they can’t be trusted to ensure your dough gets to you in tip top condition so we’ve made the decision to switch to lightweight recyclable aluminium pots.

Still eco, and hopefully a much more suitable home for your playdough – locking in the freshness and ensuring your dough lasts longer. You can also re-use them for storing knickknacks and as part of your crafting.