Who are we working with?

The Play Pantry

Who are we working with?

We're so thrilled to have some amazing partners that are part of the Play Pantry family. It's really important to us that our partners reflect our own values, so we only work with companies that do. We've made some great friends so far who we'd love to tell you more about. You can find each of them in our launch box, so you may have already met them.

The Happy News
The Happy News is the kind of news we need in the world, especially given the current state of it. An alternative to the 24/7 news cycle, this paper is beautifully illustrated and packed with carefully curated stories designed to recharge your happy batteries. We love Emily and Niall who run The Happy Newspaper, they live down the road from us here in the North West. We're delighted to have them in our box. Go check them out as they also have lots of happy gifts available too.

Jeff and The Squirrel 
This beautiful little stationary and gifts shop is run by Stevie – it was born during the Coronavirus pandemic in March 2020 as her wedding photography business was essentially shut down overnight. She makes the most gorgeous eco-friendly badges, cards and wrapping paper with colourful fun designs (including a really cool boobs badge you need to buy). She's helped out by her other half, Alex, who she lives with in Yorkshire. 

The wonderful guys at Blendsmiths make deliciously indulgent plant based drinks for grown-ups. A very different excuse to pop the kettle on. Their drinks come in a magical blend of flavours including beetroot, chai and turmeric. They also have amazing business principles — the ingredients they source are produced without both human and animal suffering as well as being cultivated and produced with minimum impact to the environment.


Boka are all about guilt-free snacks that feel like treats. With four (yes, four) green traffic lights, they're as guilt free and tasty as they come. Great for you, and amazing for kids as they come in amazingly indulgent flavours like caramel. Perfect for plant-powered play!

Mr Woody Woods

We're so thrilled to be working with Woody. It's been a dream since we first saw his amazing colouring sheets and 5-minute portrait series. Woody is responsible for bringing the content of each of our boxes to life in pen and ink, for you to colour! You can see more of Woody's work over on his Instagram


Super good. Super ethical. Super tasty. We love Ombar's no compromise attitude to ethical production and taste. They're also incredibly inclusive as these little squares of indulgence are vegan as well as dairy and gluten free, organic, fair trade and raw — with no refined sugar. There's literally nothing not to like about these bars, so stuff your face.

Petit Collage
Petit Collage are an eco-focussed, design-led toy maker with big imaginations. They make the toys we wish we were clever enough to produce. We absolutely love everything about their range, not least how well it fits with both our aesthetic and our values. We curate key pieces from the range to appear on our shop — the perfect way to extend your play box. Also great as guilt-free gifts for little ones, as they're plastic free too!