Safety & allergies

The Play Pantry

Safety & allergies

Our play boxes require responsible adult supervision:
  • They contains small objects
  • They contains soil, seeds & bird food
  • They contain household items

Boxes also contain homemade playdough:

This is made in a clean environment but we aren’t a nut-free household. If your little one has allergies, please check our playdough ingredients before play — a full list of ingredients can be found below.

Despite appearances, playdough is not edible & doesn’t taste very nice, so should not be eaten.

CE marks and toy safety

We’re careful to ensure any toys included in our boxes are sourced from UK-based sellers & contain CE marks (please contact us for details). Our boxes contain some loose household & natural items that are not eligible for CE marks. These items are not considered to be toys under The Toy Safety Directive which excludes “products intended for use for educational purposes in schools & other pedagogical contexts under the surveillance of an adult instructor.”

Playdough ingredients:

  1. Plain flour
  2. Table salt
  3. Water 
  4. Vegetable oil
  5. Cream of tartar (potassium bitartrate)
  6. Vegetable glycerin 
  7. Food colourings (nut free, gluten free, GM free, suitable for vegetarians)
  8. Food flavourings and extracts
  9. Essential oils